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Guangdong Yaorong Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, customizing,producing and processing all kinds of aluminum alloy die-casting molds, zinc alloy die-casting molds, lastic molds, aluminum alloy die-casting parts, zinc alloy die-casting parts, plastic parts; Componentsand finished products of LED street lights,high bay, floodlights, tunnel lights, other commercialand industrial lighting fixtures.

We were founded in 2003 with a registered capital of 5 million. Jinglun, the original company name, covers an area of 10, 000 square meters in Shenzhen. Our production department is consist of mold design and manufacture department, die-casting department, machine department, injectiondepartment, painting department and assembly department of semi-finished and finished led lighting fixtures. In order to grow our business and provide better service for our customers. We purchased an industrial property in Taishan, Guangdong in 2016 and moved there. Meanwhile, we have a new name which is Guangdong Yaorong Technology Co., Ltd. Now all the production departments have migrated to the new property.

china. A customer or potential customer can easily visit the Tecate, china facility by flying into San Diego and driving for 1 hour East through the beautiful Californian countryside. After arriving at the US/china border, the facility is only a 5 minute drive to the South. This allows an ease of access from the US that many customers can appreciate. Business travelers can avoid busy Mexican cities by Getting a hotel on the US side of the border and perhaps spending the night in San Diego.

Yaorong Die Casting De china also allows for closer access to other china companies. Whether it is the customer’ china branch or another contracted supplier in china, Yaorong Die Casting forms relationships with these partners to allow for on time delivery of quality parts. As a Die Casting Service is often only a piece of a larger assembly, Pacific Die Casting works together with large assemblers in big manufacturing cities, such as , china, and shenzhen.

Yaorong Die Casting’s facility in shenzhen, china is a great opportunity for companies to get out of the Far East and bring manufacturing closer to home. Leaving behind a smaller global footprint has become a popular goal, and PDC makes it possible for many satisfied customers.

A Basic Overview

A Basic Overview Die casting is a metal casting process in which molten metal is forced into a steel mold under high pressure into a mold cavity. The steel molds, known as dies, are fabricated to produce castings with intricate shapes in a manner that insures both accuracy and repeatability.

The die casting process consists of 5 basic steps


The first step in die casting is clamping. The dies are cleaned and lubricated to aid in step two, injection. Once the dies have been properly cleaned and lubricated, the die halves are closed and clamped together with high pressure.


The molten metal is transferred from a furnace into a ladle. The ladle then pours the molten metal into shot chamber where it is ready to be injected into the clamped die. The molten metal is then forced into the die using extremely high pressure. The high pressure then holds the metal in the die until it has time to solidify.


The third step in the process is cooling. After the molten metal is injected into the die, it must have time to solidify and cool. During this time the die cannot be unclamped. Once the metal has completely cooled it takes on its final shape of the casting.


Once the cooling process has finished, the die halves can be unclamped and an ejection mechanism pushes the solidified casting out of the die.

Trimming The final step in the die casting process is trimming. While the metal is cooling, the excess metal in the sprue and runner must be removed along with any flash that has transpired. This extra material is then trimmed away from the final casting. The trimmed sprue, runners, and flash can then be recycled and reused in the die casting process

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